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Windcrest Animal Hospital

Windcrest Animal Hospital


378 Certified Clients Reviews & Surveys for Windcrest Animal Hospital

Reviews posted and surveys rated from actual clients. Certified

Review(378): 1 /378
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New Castle

Dr Stoltzfus was wonderful. She spent a great deal of time with me and Dixie. Very concerned about my pet s health and well being. Outstanding care and treatment.

Review(374): 2 /378
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They took great care of my baby boy

Review(370): 3 /378
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I was very happy with Dr. Kate and Brianna s treatment of and evaluation of Honey. They were also very patient with me and all of my questions. I am very glad that we were recommended to see them. Thank you! Shari Rupertus

Review(364): 4 /378
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Dr. Jenn Dawkins and her staff are always excellent.Would not go anyother place or doctor...

Review(362): 5 /378
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Everyone was friendly, knowledgeable and efficient. Lincoln and I really appreciate your professionalism and excellent care!

Review(360): 6 /378
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Windcrest is a wonderful facility with a caring, dedicated staff. Dr Wilkerson has already helped two of my pets with conditions that two other vets didn t find. My pets are treated with TLC when they visit Windcrest.

Review(356): 7 /378
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Wonderful facility and staff.

Review(349): 8 /378
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A nice facility with very nice staff. My wait was long as I had an evening appointment and some emergencies bumped me back a bit. Understandable. I went in with my leopard gecko. The vet who saw me was knowledgeable and caring.

Review(345): 9 /378
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Ha! Love Grayln. (Love Windcrest too.) Dr. Bell and the attendants are always great. I left Wilmington because of the way you all operate- the best. My 3 furballs love you too!

Review(343): 10 /378
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I am beyond upset. I called yesterday after getting very grave news at an appointment with my cat. I was very upset during the appointment and had my children with me so after my head cleared I had questions. I was told the vet would call me back and she never did!!!

Review(342): 11 /378
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Kennett Square

Was I supposed to get an extra tube of Revolution for each 6 pack I bought?

Review(339): 12 /378
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I would recommend this place to anyone. I’m am very satisfied with Windcrest

Review(337): 13 /378
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Dr. Haviland is excellent! She took her time with Calla (my Goffin cockatoo) and is very knowledgeable. Her bedside manner is excellent - very enthusiastic about what she does. Your hospital has gained a new patient. I got in the same day as I called.

Review(334): 14 /378
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Trying some new methods to try to get his symptoms under control. Hopefully this will help to improve his symptoms. Dr. Anthony is always caring & seems to do research for this somewhat difficult case. It’s a pleasure working with him.

Review(332): 15 /378
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I am very pleased that my fur baby loves coming there. Everyone is so pleasant and really cares about taking care of whatever we are there for. Thank you for treating Bubby with such love and care.

Review(331): 16 /378
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We were seeing Dr. Constantine before she left. This was the first time Dr. Stoltzfus had ever seen Spike. He had limp tail, which I think many unexperienced vets would not recognize. Dr. S. knew what to do, and in less than two days he had some control of his tail. Thank you, Dr. Stoltzfus!

Review(325): 17 /378
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Excellent vet facility however very costly.

Review(322): 18 /378
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Everything went very well staff is knowledgeable and very plesant

Review(321): 19 /378
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Long wait time, but, understandable when there could be other emergencies.

Review(320): 20 /378
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Great experience always!

Review(319): 21 /378
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I HAVE NOT MADE AN APPOINTMENT RECENTLY FOR MY DOGS SINCE, HMMM, MAYBE JULY?...Hint hint. We are all coming next week. Ask me then!!!

Review(317): 22 /378
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It’s really highway robbery with the prices Windcrest charges clients when there is an emergency for your pet you love so dearly. One would seem like a horrible person especially if they can’t afford the outrageous price to help their pet get well. The same goes for VCR when I was having a pet put down because he was suffering. My pet was badly gone and they were jangly me a $6,000 bill to pay. The owners of these places should be ashamed of themselves. Heartless!!!

Review(316): 23 /378
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The staff was kind and knowledgeable and was good at explaining complicated medical topics to me. I appreciated them taking the time to make sure I understood the diagnosis and the treatment. The staff also made an effort to reduce the stress of the visit for my cat and that was appreciated also. Waiting times are a little long when you get there but I realize that I am there for a non emergency appointment in an emergency facility.

Review(315): 24 /378
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Carter received good care when he was seen both times on January 2nd. I am however, very discouraged that we were billed for the second trip in that day. We were told on the phone that Dr. Mitchel, who had seen Cater earlier in the day, suggested coming back in for a quick re-evaluation before heading to Veterinary Specialty that evening. We did make a quick stop to get confirmation that Cater should go for emergency care, but we were not told that we would be billed again for a full visit. It was simply a quick recheck from the earlier visit to verify the need to go on to V.S. As I left that evening, we were told that we did not need to check out, etc. It wasn t until I stopped back in the buy more food that I was presented with the second evaluation bill. We are happy to say that Carter has recovered from this illness. We can also say that Veterinary Specialty had much more fair billing practices during the time that they provided care for Cater over that next week. We are not pleased with the billing practices at Hockessin Animal Hospital and will likely look for a different local vet to care for our animals in the future.

Review(312): 25 /378
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The supervisor at the front desk was the only complaint I have. She seemed to have quite a bad attitude and seemed miserable to be there

Reviews posted and surveys rated from actual clients. Certified

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